Want your music on the radio?  Use the contact form to send us a download link to your music so we can hear it.   If we like it, we'll play it.  It's that simple!

We only consider music in the following genres:  Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Power Pop Rock, Heavy Metal, Indie Rock, Power Rock Ballads, Some Soft Rock.  Exceptions may be made on other genres not listed here if we like the music.


Please specify which song(s) you want us to listen to first.  Be sure to include Song Titles, Artist/Band and Name of Album(s) they're on.  If the song is not on an album, specify that it's a single.  Files must be at least 320k MP3,  or even better, a wave or flac file.


Submit as often as you like but please don't submit the same song(s) twice.  We look  forward to hearing you on ROSSANO RADIO.  Stay well and make good choices.  Respect and kindness always!  Have a great day!


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